Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Church Talent Show

Our Church held their annual talent show Sunday evening. It was so much fun. There were 18 acts, 3 included my kids:) Kayla sang her favorite Hannah Montana song, "Every Part of Me" and Wyatt told jokes*(he was hilarious!) Towards the end, they took all the primary aged kids to sing a fun church song so all my kids participated in that. Grandparents came and it turned into a nice evening. Afterwards everyone commented on the guts of Kayla to just go up there and sing so beautifully acappella and Wyatt for being so confident as well. I thought about that a lot and by the time we got to Domino's for pizza, I looked at Nate and told him that I thought I knew why our children were confident. He looked dumbfounded as it wasn't something he gave much thought. I can tell you I would have NEVER stood alone in a church full and sang alone like Kayla. I wasn't shy either, I just wouldn't have done it. I think the reason why is because us institutionalized folks were embarrassed so many times by 2-4th grade from reading aloud and messing up or not knowing an answer when called on that none of us had much confidence left by that point. Our kids aren't institutionalized, therefore, their self esteem is still completely in tact and I am so proud of that and glad for them.


Samantha said...

I have to disagree with your reasoning for kids not performing. My kids are all schooled in public school and none of them have a fear of getting up in public and doing things like your children did. Every child is different and they all have different personalities some are more outgoing and some are shy. I was a shy one and would not do what your kids did but it was not because of being made fun of it was because I was shy. I think you will also find kids that are home schooled that still would not stand up and do what your kids did. So I don't think you should classify it the way you did.

Desirea said...