Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Update

Tested negative this morning.It is only 9dpo though so there may still be a chance:) I am not holding my breath though because I always get +'s by 9dpo and this was the very first post partum egg(havent even had a cycle yet) so chances are slim its a viable eggie.
Just answering a fewquestions.....ttc=trying to conceive, dpo=days past ovulation. The reason I know all this stuff and we arent able to just do the deed and get preggs is because we struggled with 2 yrs of infertility after Tanner. We have lost 4 pregnancies and went through a lot to find out I have very low progesterone and have to take it starting 3 days past ovulation in order to stay pregnant IF I even am pregnant. Its a rough way to get pregnant and it usually takes me a while now because of this issue. I remember the days when we just did it and got pregnant, gosh that was nice!
UPDATING: My first post partum period showed today. Ugh, sometimes being a girl aint that fun:)


Amanda said...

I hope you get your BFP next month!

Anonymous said...

There's always next month. I am impressed at how much you know about TTC. I just had sex, and got pregnant.