Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For Those Living in Fear of Unschooling

.....but who would like to try it out, Better Late than Early and School Can Wait are two books I highly recommend with studies that show all the negative impacts of early education. It really challenges you to think differently about "preschool" and other early learning programs which were originally only designed for poor children or parents who couldn't provide their child a good homelife. These books will help you relax long enough for your children to show you that they CAN and WILL acquire all the needed skills to succeed academically in their lives. The Moores suggest no formal schooling for boys until 10-12 and girls 8-10. I am of course an unschooler, however, these books are great starting points for someone interested in unschooling but too scared to jump right in. During my times of fear, I clung and still sometimes cling to the knowledge contained within these because I can reassure myself that my kids aren't even of age to be considered for learning academics according to the Moores. This site is also one of my favs, thought I would pass it along. http://www.christian-unschooling.com/

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