Friday, September 3, 2010

46 Days

I know I will make it, but I am feeling so large, uncoordinated, uncomfortable and a tad on the whiny side. I am doing my best to keep up energy wise and put on a smile, but inside I think curling up in the fetal position in a corner for the next 46 days would be an awesome plan too! We don't have a/c up here in the mountains and so far its been OK, not great. It does get very warm here somedays to not have a/c especially with a big belly overheating me. I long for fall or delivery to come fast. This week we are supposed to have another major cool down, reaching only mid 60's during the day and I cannot tell you how excited that makes me. I will just be very happy to be unpregnant and have lil Jesse bear in my arms and the whirlwind of holidays and all the warm fuzzy stuff. I know its yet to come, but the days until then seem long and achy. Off to start the day, dye my hair, work out, homeschool, fix lunch, walk, clean up the kids and then head to dinner at a new neighbor's house. Let the force be with me!! hehehe

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Anonymous said...

My DD was born 10/23/09 so I know what it's like to be big during the hot summer months! Almost done mama! Any baby bump pictures!?