Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Baby News

My Dr.'s apt went wonderfully yesterday. I got steriods on the left cheek yesterday and I leave in an hour to get them on the right one today hehe, ouch! Good news though is Maddi had steroids and Kenna did not and although neither had any breathing issues, Maddi's were more than 2X the surfactant level (tested via amnio 1 days before delivery) than Kenna's. I do beleive in steroids after that. Anyhow, I get my group B strep test thursday and baby day is scheduled for Sunday October 17th!!! I get to meet my lil man soon:) For now I will be taking lots of pepsid, resting up, cleaning, decorating for Halloween so my lil pumpkin comes home to a very colorful house, and daydreaming of 17, hopefully short days from now when I get to lay eyes on my lil guy who will make all the pain and discomfort in the world worth it.Praise God, I am almost there......I pray daily that each day will move as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Andrea said...

My birthday is the 15th! lol. I am glad to hear everything is going well! I am 32 weeks on monday... I am ready to get this little guy out

Heidi said...

That is my hubby's bday and last year his sister had a baby on the 16th and some of our best friends had one on the 17th! Great time for babies!