Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally! 32 weeks and a few days

I think we have a MIGHTY big boy on our hands. I never get this big at this stage. This is larger than I was at delivery with Maddi who weighed 6.6 pounds


The Mom said...

I'm putting my bet on September 30 through October 6....and 8.2 lbs

Amanda said...

You look great...not huge at all. =)

Tufford Family said...

AW, you look great..seeing your picture's makes me want to be pregnant again...enjoy the weeks you have left...Blessings, Heidi

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

The mom, I better not have an 8 pounder at 33-34 weeks lol! My 7.7 lbs baby tore me from one place to the next and I had more stitches than I ever care to think about haha! I do think I will deliver very early, like earlier than my induction oct 20th, but.......praying hes 6-7 lbs hehe

Heidi, thank you I am know how it is with heartburn, backpain and yada yada. Very tough to enjoy lol

Amanda thank you