Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Girl's Birthday Party!

Kenna riding her new musical pony from mommy and daddy
Kayla with all her friends and gifts
Everett thinks hes a present
and apparently so does Wyatt
Me with my friend sheila from junior high....our babies are 1 month apart:)
The big 8 year old before the chaos began
The mama, the kittens and their litter box (MIL made them all)HEHEHE
I think the bounce house was over capacity the entire time lol
The adults, well some at least
Me with Brayden and Kenna

The party was a huge success! Now poor Kayla has about 40 thank you cards to write, their was well over 50 guests and my girls got too many presents to know what to do with. I am so glad they are so loved though and had so much fun celebrating their big day together and with all our family and friends. We left the next day for Palm Springs and I am working on uploading all those pics next. What a crazy week its been. To boot, I turned 3 months yesterday! YAY


Happily Ever After said...

What a fun party!

Sankat said...

how fun!!! That is so fun that you had a bounce house!!
Oh, I LOVE the kitty cake and cupcakes...and kitty litter.....hahahaha, did you make those?

Moss said...

Great party, was just wondering what you used to make the kitty litter. Please email me at

Thank You

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Hey guys, my mother in law actually made it, but she said she got the recipe by googling for it. It was soooo yummy, it had like pudding in it and cake crumbled crumbled vanilly creme cookies on top with warmed tootsies rolls that were shaped into cat poopies lol