Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Kenna was driving the pumpkin wheelbarrow machine hehe
Nate and I(13 weeks preggs-getting a tad thicker)
Riding the racecar, golf cart, pull ride
Stuck in the corn maze
Taking a ride to get pumpkins
Look at the prize picked pumpkins
Kenna with her wee wittle pumpkin
I just love him
and him
and her
and him
and apparently, she loves me too! :0)
Wyatt and a sheep
Tanner having a hayday...literally!
Wyatt had a lotta fun with the animals
Everett loved the llamas most
Me with the kids on the Hay Castle-How blessed am I?

Well the pictures tell all! What a long, fun afternoon. I wore Kenna for most the time, but after having the urge to pee for so long, I asked Nate to help out haha. I think wearing her on top of the uterus and baby pressing on my bladder, made for an interesting feeling of needing to pee nonstop! The weather was beautifully chilly and crisp and there was more fun than the kids knew what to do with. After finally pickin our pumpkins, Tanner had a typical 3yo/had too much fun, meltdown. :0) We forgive him! hehe. Oh yeah and my hair....I went blonde for anyone wondering!


Sankat said...

That is look like so much fun!!

Sadie said...

Great pictures! Your family is so adorable!

Congrats on the newest pregnancy.

Mary Ellen said...

Janis, can I say that I'm so jealous of your family? It looks like you all have lots of fun together. Congrats on baby #6