Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palm Springs

Nate and Kenna swimmin

Tanner chillin by the poolEverett
Their best buds
Kenna and I, man it was bright
Daddy taking kids for rides accoss the pool, notice tanners hands reaching haha
Dont let it fool you, I'm not showing yet, I was just majorly bloated from tooo much food :/
Watching Kung Fu Panda
Princess Kayla in the bed
Mmmmm note the ice cream faces
yum yum
@ Ca Pizza Kitchen
Kenna at the Bruschetta go figure
Kaylagirl and mama
Crazy kiddos
mmm hmmmm
The pizza place
The kids running the Parlor
Waiting for their pizza
Mmmmm Hawaiian
Wyatt and Tanner making a movie
Painting the bug
Archeology dig
Grocery shopping
Kayla's the checker
Kenna in the middle, she wanted in
Wyatt climbing through the rope maze
happy to be there
Playing the lazer harp
Tanner man pulling himself up

Oh man, this trip was JAM packed! We left Monday morning and it was nonstop fun til Thursday when we left. We stayed in a resort with a nice big pool and waterfall and walking distance to all the nice downtown restaurants and shopping. We swam and walked more than I care to remember. I was very sore by Thursday from all the action. We got to eat at some very nice places and some normal ones too. Kaiser Grill was our best dinner, with fine dining.....specialty soups, deserts made in house and to die for steaks that just melt in your mouth. IHOP was probably our best breakfast because it was the one where everyone actually behaved and the food was of course excellent. The culture and lifestyle out there is very different from what we are used to. People act like they have never seen children and probably they don't often because it is a notoriously gay/lesbian community and it was kind of sad to see all the people who lived that lifestyle and how empty it looked, but who am I to say, my life is just so overly blessed that I guess I would assume everyone would want a herd of kids haha! We took the kids to the museum in Palm Desert and that was a really good time for all of them. In between swimming and other things, we rented Jouney the Center of the Earth and Kung Fu Panda in the hotel and those were both really great movies. Kayla and Everett are now fully swimming on their bellies and backs! Wyatt and Tanner are much less fearful and are starting to swim a bit too. And best of all, we all got REALLY nice tans to start off winter lol. It was 107ish the entire time out there so it was scorching hot, but we can't wait to go back!


Sankat said...

That is awesome that you guys had such a great trip!!! where is the vacation that lets you rest after your vacation...hehe
I think it is wonderful that you love having so many children...for me it is stressful, but so joyful to see them grow.

Happily Ever After said...

Hey girl...I saw on your other blog post you went to Palm Springs. We are going there in November with my mom...those pics of the kids look like they were having so much fun. Please email me and tell me all the fun places you went, we might want to add them to our list of things to do. Did you do the aerial tramway? It's been years since I've gone on it and I'm itching to take the kids!