Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple Pickin

Family photo with our pickins
The kids with Grandpa and their apples
HAHA those apples were WAY up there
looking for fallen apples
YAY we found some
mmm Kenna loves em
Oh no, RUN the apples are going to hit ya on the head! hehe

Yesterday, we got up early and headed up to the mountains for some apple picking. Nate has been picking apples from this old tree since he was a little boy. Its a long ways back off a dirt road and no one knows about it. We got 2 huge 5 gallons buckets full of fresh, organic apples. It was apparent bears had been there a ton because they must not have an issue with pooing where they eat:0) haha. We have plans to get the apples today and make pies(some for now....some to freeze), caramel apples, apple muffins/pancakes and cider! MMmmmmm. The best part is they are organic and were free and it was such a fun outing......freeeeezing cold, but so fun.

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Mary Ellen said...

Hi Janis! That looks like fun!