Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Money Money Money

Well, next Wednesday is payday once again and Nate had it planned for a leave cashout so we will be getting a WAY big check, which means one thing, MORE debt payoff, thank God! I guess tithing really is sending us blessings galore. We will send 2K so as of next Wednesday our debt will be down to 14,500. Its starting to feel so incredibly in reach. 14 Grand is nothing. Esp since we are getting 2700 from the IRS deposited in our accnt in May, yay! I am so happy for us and that we followed DR. I really have to thank the Large Family moms on BBC for having introduced me to so many neat things and I will miss them for that. I learned about cloth diapering, going green, Dave Ramsey, wheat mills, homeschooling, unschooling, and so much more. I am still sorta sad to have left, however, I am making much better use of my time and my kids are benefiting greatly by not having me online much anymore. I hop on to get emails, check myspace and blog a few times a week and thats about it. I know many of the women there never really like me anyhow so I know its best to stay off there. As much as I maybe annoyed them, I hope they know how much they helped me to grow as a woman and mother. Its definitely a hard addiction to break though. ;)


Kat said...

woohoo! I commend you for being able to stick with the debt pay off. I do ok, but then I get a wild hair up my ass and think I have to shop lol

I too have excused myself from the BBC world. I'm too old for the cattyness!


Hillary said...

I'm so glad you're closer to being debt-free! It's such a neat feeling. I loved you being on BBC, just for the record. I'll miss you!