Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cutting Back

Too much internet for me this winter, spring is here in full swing, we are getting many invites to go places and I am going back to the gym 5X a week again starting monday. I can no longer work out at home because the kids start wrecking everything while I work out and its becoming impossible. Anyhow, I am going to cut back to scarely posting on Babycenter. Its served its purpose for me at a time in my life when real support wasnt readily available, but I am in a different place now having real support in real life. I have family and friends who care and that makes a huge difference for me in not needing online friends. I will stay pop on myspace daily to see who wants to head to the park or whatnot. I am planning to update here every day or other day or so, but really I just dont have the time anymore and the large families board split in half so its pretty stupid now. I just have had a huge schedule shift that will allow for maybe 20-30 minutes a day online.

I will be going to the gym each morning, homeschooling when we get back, we have tons going on at church all the time, park days, playdates, the library and museums to explore since weather is gorgeous again, TBall starting in 2 weeks, brownie scouts going strong, boy scouts will start up for Wyatt in a few months. Life is just busy is all. Those who want to keep up with me, reading here will keep you updated and of course I will try to share inspiring things as I learn. Maybe my next post will be about workouts and eating healthy. I have been eating like a heathen hehehe, time to fix that!


timpani76 said...

You have your ward family now for support and I think that's great. I also get on BBC less, or not at all, during the Spring and Summer. It's still winter here, though, LOL. Seven inches of snow so far, and it's still coming down.

mamateresa2007 said...

You rock!! I need to follow your good example and not spend so much time online. I admit it will be much easier to pull myself away from the computer when the weather warms up and we can get outside more. Right now I am about crazy from being inside so much! I also just wanted to let you know that I think you rock!