Thursday, March 6, 2008

OOOOo While I am at it, real quick

Nate just called to see where we are at on the Burb payoff balance, OMGOSH I am thrilled beyond beleif to know we are down to only owing 18K. We bought it in Sept 2007 and have paid 18K off, so we are HALFWAY done. Sticking with our plan, we will be done in July this year, completely Debt Free except our home! This is just so exciting. Anyone who has never read about Dave Ramsey, HOLY cow, he is THE MAN. I love him!!!! He is the reason, (well the book, Total Money Makeover) that we are where we are today. Its been ridiculous sticking to this budget but we are almost there. ahhhhh I cant wait. We will have so much money for savings and some real fritter money, gosh that will be nice. Okay kids are getting up from Nap, gotsta go for now:) You readers have got to get his book!!! I cant say enough good things

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