Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The gym is kicking my arse!!

I am so beat. I feel like I have been drug behind a car for a few miles. Well, taking Cheryl's classes, I kinda have lol. I went 2X my first week back, 3X last week and everyday so far this week. I think I will make it 4 days this week and then back to the regular 5 days a week routine next week. I am incredibly tired though. My workout schedule is as follows:

Monday: Step/kickboxing/abs(1 hour)

Tuesday: Bike/stair climber/abs (45 mins)

Wednesday: Weight training class which is sorta cardio because we dont rest at all(45 mins)

Thursday: elliptical (10 min) Bike (10 min) Stair climber (10 min) and abs(total 45 mins)

Friday: Step/weights combo interval/abs(1 hour)

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