Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy, Hoppy Easter

Kayla (7)
Kenna (6 months) wearing the same dress Kayla did on Easter weekend when she was the exact same age. Its like dejavu!
Everett painting his dino that came in his Easter basket
Tanner doing the same
The kids doing an egg clue hunt to find their baskets:0)
the kids with their Easter goodies
allll the babies! Kayla, Tanner, Everett, Wyatt and baby Kenna
Tanner and Kenna
We had a beautiful Easter weekend, lots of fun stuff. We had an Easter egg clue hunt on Saturday morning to find their baskets which were filled with new sandals, candy, and a few other toys. Sat afternoon, it was of to Grandpas for lunch of raw BBQ chicken(Nate recooked), an egg hunt, TONS of goodies and candies, and some airplane fun that landed the airplane on Grandpa's neighbors house....teeheeee! Sunday morning, we dressed in our Easter best and enjoyed a beautiful sacrament service. Sunday school entailed a lesson on pride and really made me think. Pride is so much more than I thought and its a real sin so that is my goal, to not be so prideful and to learn to humble myself. Humility is a character I admire so much in others, yet I dont practice it. There was no relief society today as we had a disaster preparedness meeting for everyone and it was downright scary. We WILL be having a major 8.0 or larger earthquake in socal and in our lifetimes as we are overdue and we HAVE to be prepared. We are going to get all our food( a few months supply) and water( a few months supply also) put together shortly as I am a lil freaked out now! :0) Anyhow, it is a nice day and everyones out running in sprinklers so I am off to join them!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, and such BEAUTIFUL weather! Happy Easter! :)

SamNJenny said...

I thought I would comment. How cute your family is. I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter. Nothing like the preparedness lessons to set one in motion, huh? (sorry, I'm from babycenter if you don't recognize me)