Monday, March 10, 2008

Trying to Conceive

Well heres the update from the OB apt this am. They say pregnancy with me nursing is a big fat no no because of my low progesterone and cystic ovaries. They say its a sure fire way to have another miscarriage. So they said to either quit nursing immediately upon becoming pregnant or quit nursing first before even becoming pregnant. I'm really sad about that. I will just keep nursing along for now. My sweet Kenna needs her mama milk so that isnt a viable option to me at the moment. I will just wait it out and pray the HF will allow a pregnancy to happen at the right timing. Right now is too soon anyhow. I would love another one soon, but I wont cheat my dear baby in order to get pregnant again.

Speaking of more babies, more babies=more laundary which will be A-ok now because Nate bought me the Whirlpool HE washer and Dryer this weekend with extended warrenty for 5 years on all parts and labor as well as the pedestals to make them high up for me. OMGOSH, I am in HEAVEN! These babies crank clothes out faster than I can fold!! I LOVE NATE! Off to switch the laundary and grab a snack!


Wayne and Melissa said...

Sorry about the OB news! That's a bummer! It's sucks having to wait for a baby when you want one so bad!

Congrats on the new the Washer and dryer! That's exciting! Hopefully you'll have a little more free time! Yeah!


Kat said...

The lord will make it happen when the time is right, and when the time is right no breastfeeding, cystic ovaries, or low progesterone will stand in his way. Keep the faith.


Veronica said...

Janis, lucky you on the washer/dryer! Are they high capacity? One day I'd love a pair. Too bad about getting pg. But I'm sure HF will bless you with another when the timing is right. He knows best! :)

maryellenlewis said...

I'm so jealous of your washer/dryer combo. Congrats! You will get knocked up, soon enough ;)

Mic helle said...

Sorry about the news, but only God knows what you will be doing in 40 weeks so he has your best interest in mind. But it is still hard I know.