Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Okay so I will cut back starting tomorrow

but for today, I must admit I have had a great time giggling and lurking on the whattoexpect.com October 2007 board, those ladies are hysterical. They have a whole thread about me hehehee! During nap I ate brownies and read along. They think my kids were rented hahahahaha! Oh how I wish some days when they are all going nuts!! So kidding, but yeah its just funny. Then they accuse me of not being organic because there is a picture of my kids baking with regular food, well I guess they didnt read my blog in its entirety that only 70% or so of our food is organic and even in the pic, the Ragu IS organic....whatever. I guess they must not see too well. The funny part is that they think I was banned, I was banned only for 1 week though and I changed my SN simply because I was baptised and wanted my SN to be something with LDSmama in it. Oh and fellow bloggers, I was banned because I stood up for the rights of babies, NOT to cry it out. It gets me so upset to think of babies crying it out. Some of them acted like 30 minutes of crying was no biggie and they were even patting each other on the back for it and they surely didnt like it when I stood up for those poor innocent babies whose lil brains were swelling at the cost of mommy "needing a break because their 1!!!ONE! child was too much" Seriously its hard to want to say nice things when you read that. Its also cracks me up because they are laughing about lurking on me, but yet, I am also lurking on them, sort of two way creepiness. I must say though that I warned them about weight also in the beginning of pregnancy when they were all putting on 20-30 lbs in 1st trimester. I didnt do it to be malicious but because I felt so bad for them that they would be in the position most of them are in now, crying constantly and posting pics of their tremendously overweight bodies. I tried to tell them, but they told me again that I was mean. Not that I care if they are overweight and happy, but I predicted exactly what would happen and it did! I laugh somedays at all the whiny overweight posts because I tried to tell them pregnancy was no time to eat for 2.

They are quite hysterical now saying they "caught" me in lies and they are things THEY are lying about. I never ever claimed to make my clothes lol, not my style! They have said some funny stuff in the past about thinking I was fake because there is no way I homeschool, cook from scratch, use organic products when possible, cloth diaper, babywear(nope I never claimed to wear kenna 24 hours a day, but they tend to have exaggerative qualities about them), dont allow CIO, cosleep, am 24, have my bachelors degree in education and have 5 children and am skinny. Well I called my husband that evening reading that thread to him and he was laughing so hard he could barely stand it. It was such a compliment that someone thought I was fake. I really do/am all those things so I guess I am doing something right for people to think I am fake, however, that doesnt make me any better, I am just more experienced. I have had way more time at this and read a lot more than many people in my years of being a mom. Young or not, I have been a mom for 7.5 years now and had a lot of time to read a lot and implement a lot. No, I have not always homeschooled, the ladies on Large families board on babycenter can vouch for that one, we went in school, out, in and out one last time and I vow not to go back. My life is a learning and growing process, but I try to catch on quickly. Yes I committed some huge sins a few years ago concerning same sex relations, I have repented and moved on and thankfully I have an awesome husband who loves me and our marriage is stronger than ever so to the naysayers, Ya make me stronger!! For that, I thank you. If they think I am fake, doesnt change my life, except to make me step back and realize, oh yeah, I AM only 24, and wow I have lived a fulfilling life, never wasting a minute.....well except to write this of course :/


timpani76 said...

Wow! You are superwoman. I do my best to recycle, garden organically, and follow the basic ideas of attachment parenting (except I stop co-sleeping at 6 months). Organic food is hard to come by at a reasonable price around here, so I try to grow my own when possible.

I also cringe when my friends brag about letting their kids CIO. Why is this a good thing? I wonder, but try to be tactful and just tell them my ideas (from Dr. Sears' books mostly).

It's hard to break away from the internet once you get back in the habit (like during a long winter). Good luck and good luck with the new direction your life is taking now that you joined the church!

Kat said...

Oh I'm so glad you are back un-locked! I do enjoy reading!

And as for the things you say offending people..... I've gotten so much hatemail for my blog it's scary. Even had someone so angry at me they sabbatoged my deceased son's caringbridge site. But as I say......... Well behaved women rarely make history! hehe

Keep on what you do girlie! And those CIO'ers should just be ashamed of themselves making their poor defenseless babies deal with whatever they are dealing with alone! How sad!


ProudToBeWTE said...
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Loving Mommy said...

John 7:24

Jesus will not judge according to appearances. He will not pay attention to anecdotal evidence or rumors. Jesus, filled with the Spirit of God, can judge on the basis of true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

You know, many of you ladies are all upset and calling me unChristlike and that is your opinion, but remember those who were Gluttons and are upset by that,

Proverbs 23:21 For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.

"He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father." Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, "put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony."

So please take your righteousness and move on with it! We all sin even when we are trying to walk with God. A Glutton is no better than posting that blog, and really, I dont think it was that terrible. Its gossipy so I suppose its sinful because of that. Just remember though you girls who are pretending to be Holier than thou, the above scriptures I am sure you can relate to!