Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is EXACTLY why Religion will be a struggle for me for always

I sit here shaking my head tonight. Just because I was baptised, I should loose all my values and stop standing my ground on what I know in my heart to be right? There are studies piled upon studies to back my beliefs as a mother and educator of my children. How can I or how should I sit back and allow things to go on around me like a drone and just support it all? Life is about differences and learning and changing, not sitting around in our old patterns and ways and being stuck in ruts! Without someone standing up for something new or different, how will anyone learn anything? I am me, my personality is spunky and feisty and fun and those in real life love me dearly. I am always told what fun I am. I am interesting at least, quirky, witty and educated. It states quite clearly in the Bible that we are not to sit back and allow unrighteous things to go on without speaking up. The whole, "love the sinner, not the sin theory!" Sheesh, if I didnt follow that for myself, I would hate myself as I am obviously coming from a VERY sinful past. Psalm 37 says
29 The righteous will inherit the land, and dwell in it forever. 30 The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice.
I am trying to speak justice for fresh new outlooks on parenting that treats a child with dignity and respect, asking mothers to view the world from a child's point of view. As an adult, I would be so sad if someone left me to cry all alone for 30 minutes when I was in need of something only they could give. I just see things from a baby/child's point of view. That is where my passion is driven from. God didnt tell us to shut up and allow bad things to happen around us and support it, he told us to speak out in love and try to help people correct themselves. I seriously do speak in love and also from sadness when I read my birthboard and other places where people support things I find less than righteous. Jesus loved children and treated them so kindly, why can't some parents learn this behavior? I cant stomach to lurk on my birthboard because I see the same things over and over and I cannot hold my fingers back. Its who I am. I am spunky and outspoken. Humbling myself will always be a battle especially with certain subjects. I dont think being humble is ALWAYS good. Most who preach to be humble are not themselves so I take their preaching with a grain of salt anyways. Baptised or not, I am me and I am not changing myself to become some quiet sheep who follows the heard and praises the sad and ugly things I hear of people doing. Those who were harshest to me, made me think way more than those who kindly sat back watching me drink all the time and be an idiot. So I thank those who were bold enough to stand in my path and tell me I was wrong so I could change things and become a better person!


Wayne and Melissa said...

Janis I'm sorry for whatever happened on your Birth Board. For the record I agree with you. You shouldn't sit back and not say anything if it's what you really believe in. I don't know how that plays into religion. Stand up for what you believe in. Try and do it as Christ like as possible, but by all means stand up for your beliefs and thoughts on how you should raise your children. You're their mother and no one can tell you how to do it. FTR I think you're doing a great job! All I have to say is you go girl.

Kat said...

I blogged about you..... teehee
You should read it, it might give you some peace.


Lena said...

See, I think Religion is ALL about standing up for what you believe in. The thing is you have to remember that everyone has agency and have the opportunity to choose for themselves what they believe is right. I think you can be humble and still voice your concerns or opinions. It's all in the way that you do it. And it is a learned thing too. Christ chastised people for doing wrong quite often but He usually did it with love or by example. Easier said than done!