Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kenna got her first babyfood!

Okay so I am a MAJOR advocate of late feeding of solids and my kids have all started at different times, some much later than others. Here's a breakdown of when they began solids:

  • Kayla 8 months table food

  • Wyatt 4 months rice cereal per Drs orders because of reflux

  • Everett 14 months table food(the child refused food!)

  • Tanner 7 months because he weighed over 30 pounds and breast milk wasn't enough anymore lol

  • Kenna 5.5 months rice cereal only so far

I am going to now explain why we began rice cereal today. It started last month. I was eating pancakes with fruit on them and she kept saying, "mmmmm" and licking her lips like she wanted some so I gave her a lil taste of the juice on the fruit and the rest is history. She has been "begging" to eat since then. I kept hoping to hold her off a little longer, but as a mommy, its our job to meet the needs of our individual children as per necessary. I had to be adaptable for her even though I wanted to wait til more like 7-8 months. Well the rice cereal was a hit. The girl loves to eat. It was even sorta fun going out and buying new baby spoons and DHA enhanced rice cereal! I tried to be positive even though deep down I am sad for this milestone. Kenna sure isn't sad though, she loves to eat! For now we will just do one feeding a day of rice cereal until she shows me that she is ready for more or something different.

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Lena said...

Janis, I was an infrequent visitor to the LDS and LF BBC and came across your link a while back. I can't even remember what I was reading! You have a lovely family! I didn't start my youngest on solids until he started trying to eat mine! It was too cute.
Contgrats on leaving the BBC behind too. Watch out though- blogging can be just as time consuming and addicting! (As I sit here with my kiddos going bonkers around me, lol). I'm off!