Sunday, February 3, 2008

errr Confusion

I posted on the LDS board on Babycenter about my recent feelings towards time commitment issues with the church and I got so many heartfelt responses that are further confusing me. Faith is such a struggle, why oh why??? Why did my parents do this to me? I dont want to do this to my children so I need to do something and fast and STICK to it! OMGOSH this is sooo creepy, the missionaries just called as I typed this:O Holy cow! Okay maybe God does want me there, I need to pray about it and pray for a huge sign to smack me in the head!

"God, please make it known to me which church I should go to and what you want for my life. I am so confused, worried, and excited to serve and teach my children to serve you. Just please knock me over the head with a sign to tell me where to go to worship you and sustain my family in your name. I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!"


Sabrina said...

Are you confused as to if you want to be LDS or not? I have no idea in LDS beliefs and what not. But I do think if you aren't ready for the commitment of time then maybe look around. I went through the same thing last year. I grew up in church, strayed after I graduated. For 14 years NO CHURCH in my life and it really bothered me. I searched online, and then we went to a Baptist church close to us. As soon as we walked in, I knew THAT was our church. I felt so at ease. We volunteer and help anyway we can, attend twice a week. We love it. If you feel uneasy there's no shame in looking around. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Janis-Thank you for your honesty. It is really refreshing! I ditto that you should relax and take your time. God gave us the ability to think and make decisions so that we won't believe because we were told to but because we really THOUGHT about it and want to believe. I think the same goes to selecting a religion or church to attend. I grew up baptist and while I loved that church I felt like there were a lot of judgement (probably the church and not the religion). I now attend a Methodist church and love it, but it really is the church more than the religion I feel comfortable with. I would really consider myself non-denominational. Your kids are really going to benefit from watching you soul search and find a place that is perfect for your family. I also believe that the husband is the head of the home. God's order of things that decreases stress in our lives. So we aren't carrying the burden we weren't meant to carry. So you may pray that your husband will take the lead and be led by God to make a decision for your family. One thing I would say is that Satan is just as capable as "giving you a sign" as God. So be careful. He know's what a wonderul, powerful woman you are and would love to direct you in a direction that will further his plan. A lot of time Satan will use a "good idea" that may just not be the best for you at that time in your life. Janis-I feel like we are a lot alike! So these are things that I "learned" on my own travels.

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Sabrina, true, Thank you!

Michelle, how do I tell the difference between Satan and God?