Friday, February 15, 2008

Waldorf Inspired Doll Creation

Well I just wanted to see if I could sew a Waldorf doll after seeing them priced for 100 bucks. I got together an old T shirt of Nates and other old clothes I was going to get rid of and created the baby above. I sewed her from t-shirts and yarn and old dresses! I used a lil regular blush for her cheeks and I think she turned out cute. She is super soft and lovey and her head is even a tad floppy like a newborn. Sure she isnt perfect, but I will bet Kenna wont mind. I will give her to Kenna when Kenna gets a wee bit older. I am working on a mini sling for Kenna to wear her baby in. The inspiration behind these dolls is natural creative play without batteries and other gunk. They are simplistic and then adding a sling will help instill and encourage our daughters to wear their babies later on as it will just seem "normal" to them. Heres a link to waldorf dolls


gromero said...'re gonna have to tell me how you made daughter just saw it and wants one now...they are too stinken cute!!

Amber said...

I've made little ring slings for my girls- they LOVE them. Not too hard either.