Sunday, February 3, 2008


Oh my your hands are full
Are they all from the same dad(how freakin RUDE)
Are any of them twins when clearly they arent
I just dont know HOW you possibly do it
Your crazy
OMGosh are you insane
where they all planned(this is especially hurtful when we had to loose 2 babies while trying for kenna.)
Heres a one time fly by answer to all the annoying/rude questions everyone asks or says!

"Yes they are all mine, yes they are from the same dad, no they arent twins, yes my hands are full but my heart is fuller, yes they were planned, you dont know how I do it because clearly you dont have this many and if you did you would just do it because there is no way to give them back lol, yes I am insane-insanely happy and I know whats important in life to me and thats all that matters, I am crazy-so crazy I even homeschool my munchkins."
Like Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 says, "It may be a crazy life, but its our life." And we love our lives.
*Our house is small, but overflowing with love and chaos and laughter
*We have enough money to pay bills and not allow it to control us, we control it and we like it this way. Too much= unsatisfaction
*Sharing a single bathroom with 7 people is hard at times but we work together to organize it
*Being stuck within 1200 sq ft with all of us means when someone is upset, they either go out back for a breather or work through their problem without running away into another story of huge overpriced 5,000 sq ft home(no offense to anyone with these)
Anyhow thats all I wanted to say. When I cant even go to the dr these days without being told how many kids I should/shouldn't have, it gets a lil old. And no, this wasnt because of a health concern, it was HER concern saying how its so difficult financially and I am in for a lifetime of regret and hell for having so many children....SHAME ON HER. Too bad I turned her in and she will soon paying for her ill bedside manner:0) I am a force to be reconned with these days lemme tell ya. The 99cents only store cashier will also probably be loosing her job due to a rude comment two days ago. I let the manager know and boy was she all red in the face and shocked! In the end, I am the mama bear, dont mess with my family!

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