Sunday, February 3, 2008

Babywearin' MOBY MOBY and Hotsling

Its my favorite Wrap around! OMGosh if you dont have one, GET ONE! hehe. Its seriously so awsome. I can even work out wearing it. Here are reasons to babywear.

You can have a life! When your baby is in a carrier your hands are free, so you can do other things. It is so simple to cook, clean, play with other children and work when your baby is in a carrier.
Soothes fussy babies. Nothing soothes our baby like walking around with him in the sling. "Quick-get the sling!" is a phrase that is often heard in our house.
Your baby needs to be close to you for his emotional and psychological well being. It teaches him that the world is safe. And since you are right there to love and meet his needs, he discovers that the world is a safe place to be and that he is loved.
Babies who are held more cry less! Because her needs are met right away and she feels safe and secure.
Get in rhythm with your little one. Carrying your baby puts you in harmony with him. He is more likely to sleep when you sleep when he is carried during the day.
Happier Babies. Every baby that we have met that is worn is happy and full of life. I have never seen a worn baby scared of the world. They are alive, joyful, and curious.
Optimal learning enviornment. Can you imagine anything better than exploring the world through the safe arms of your mother? She gets to experience all the visual, auditory, and kinestetic stimulation that you do! Best of all, she doesn't get over stimulated. You regulate her intake of sensory experience and she can always take a break and just gaze up at your face (my favorite thing).
Breastfeeding is so easy in a sling. Breastfeeding in a sling gives your tired arms a break and lets you talk on the phone or eat (we know how hungry you are now)! While I have a hotsling too, I give my Moby much better reviews! It distributes weight very evenly through your back.

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