Sunday, February 10, 2008

OOO Fluffy mail, where are you?

I ordered a TON of all different and beautiful and cute new cloth diapers. Cant wait to get em all and try em! The art of Cloth diapering is a beautiful, fun addiction:0) I will never go back to nasty sposies! Kenna never leaks in cloth, no more blowouts(well 1 the entire time.) We were having blowouts almost daily with sposies, yuckie. So I am now sitting and waiting for my fluffy diapy mail to get here. Ohhhh yeah. I will have to post some cuteypatooty pics of my baby girl in her new cloth. :0) Oh and I bought almost ALL organic. Yay, nothing but the healthiest and freshest for my lil sweetheart's booty.


Anonymous said...

cloth diapers ARE addictive! I agree LOL. I'm always surfin' online looking for dipes. I'm just itching to have some extra money to buy more LOL

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

hehe I so hear ya! I am always lurking on diaperswappers and diaperpin reading reviews, etc.

Sabrina said...

You'll have to tell me who you buy from. I bought from ebay back in Sept and got screwed. She took my money and ran. I wanted to with Mia but still haven't been able to. Worried about getting screwed over again.