Friday, February 15, 2008


What %age of your food is organic and what other "green" products do you buy? I'll go first

Food is about 50% organic, 20% "all natural or antibiotic free" and 30% conventional.

I cook from Scratch and even use wheat berries in the blender to make my pancakes super healthy and hearty

I also buy all green household cleaners that nontoxic(also make some with Vinegar and


Vinegar and water to boiling on stove to purify air once in a while

nontoxic ant killer, no other pesticides(have a cat for that lol)

nontoxic dishwasher powder

nontoxic detergant(make my own)

quit using dryer sheets(these have some crazy nuero toxins in them that I didnt know about that cause nerve damage, numbness etc. EEK)

organic shampoo/conditioner

I cloth diaper and use mostly organic cloth, covers and wipes, or hemp, bamboo and sherpa

organic lipbalm

Keep windows open at least 20 minutes a day even in the freezing cold to get fresh air moving through.(usually they are open much more than that though)

organic deoderant(cant do it, my armpits are really sweaty all the time so I gotta expose my self to those chemicals for protection lol!)

Organic lotion

I mop with Vinegar/water

Use the sun to dry things when at all possible

scent free baby wipes or cloth wipes usually

hmmm I think thats all for now!

Thought it would be fun to see what we all do to keep our homes low in chemicals

I am all about getting all the chemicals OUT of our home and making a safer place where we hopefully wont get cancer/parkinsons/etc because of the way we live.

Heres a great site

Here is my Laundary Detergent recipe

I make it about once per month

Here is the recipe for the laundry soap.

1/2 cup washing soda (not baking)

1/2 cup borax

1/2 bar of Fel Naptha soap or Zote soap ( grated)

heat 1 gal. water on stove. Mix in washing soda and borax, then add grated soap. Heat until soap is melted, then put in a 5 gallon bucket, let cool for 1 hour then add 2 gallons hot water to bucket . Pour into old milk gallon jugs with a funnel. That is it. I make this every month. I get 3 gallons from this recipe, you can double and get more but would need 2 -5gal buckets.
Use 1/3 to 1/2 a cup per load depending on the load size

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~*Celeste*~ said...

Janis, how much of the solution do you use for each load? Small, Medium, and Large?