Sunday, February 3, 2008

okay testing some blogbits so lets see how I do. This is my youngest baby girl, Kenna, and I! Okay so I officially know how to post pictures. YAHOOO

As for my earlier blog, its long, but please do enjoy or hate lol!

So this blog is just a lil glimpse of the craziness in my home to 5 children and life as an eco-chic chick! I homeschool, babywear, cook and bake from scratch, we are almost debt free, I garden, eat organic, am Christian, extended breastfeed, beleive in modesty/large families/mothers staying home. I am a pretty old fashioned gal for the ripe age of 24. Oh did I mention I have my Bachelors degree in education and had my first baby at 16! Yeah I have done a lot and am an avid reader, therefore, I tend to know more than a typical 24 year old girl. You will find my blogging opinionated somewhat, but hopefully more just following teachings of the Bible and what is righteous than being plain mean. I am not trying to come accross boastful or perfect because I dont even come close, however, I beleive we should strive to be perfect and hopefully land not very short!


gromero said...

I love the blog! You've motivated me to go back to mine and start writing again.

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...


Christian Momma, Naturally said...

Hey Janis!
I just came across the blog & I'm loving your perspective on large families/faith/etc. I was curious though, if you don't mind me asking about having your first baby so young & when you were able to get your b. degree and when you guys got married! Just curious!! That's awesome & truly motivating you are/were able to accomplish so much! I thought I got married young at barely 19 ;)