Friday, February 15, 2008

Got About 2/3 of my Fluffy Mail so far!

Oh YES! Now remember as you cloth diaperin mamas drool at the new stash, "do not covet thy neighbors Diapers." hehe I am sooo kidding, but really I am so happy with all the new stuff. I even got 3 hemp prefolds to try. I am washing them all as I type so I can try them out on Kenna at her next diaper change. So much cute and fun stuff and I will say that the kissaluvs and Swaddlebees are about the softest diapers I have ever felt, oh and the Bamboozle too! I will update with a diaper review of my own in a few weeks after I decide how I like everything. I now have pockets, several types of All in ones, many brands of fitted diapers and LOTS of covers, I bought mostly organic diapers and covers. I am pretty green these days so I wanted to avoid anything not organic, however, I did get the non-organic bumkins AIO's and 2 covers that werent organic. Be back with reviews on these in a few weeks. YAhooooo

  • Swaddlebees organic velour fitteds are the most expensive, AWSOME diaper ever! Bumkins covers rule and Monkey Doodles AIO are the most HORRID diaper I have ever used. One PEE, leaked through everywhere. YUCK, I am sending it back. Its that bad.
  • Organic Imse Vimse covers are my absolute fav cover!
  • Nile organic fitted diapers are pretty decent even for super soakers
  • Bamboozles can REALLY hold some peepee! :0)
  • I am not a huge fan of Bumkins AIO. Thank goodness I only bought 2. A lil pee=messy


Jeanie said...

Did you order all from one company? Did you clothe diaper all 5 kids? We have 5 and this is the 1st one I am going to try it with. My friend makes her own and I am going to try hers as she is here and CHEAPER : )
Here is her blog
in case you want to see.
PS. How much did you pay for all those??

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

I ordered from all over! Ebay,, etc. I would guess my stash to be worth around 600 total. My fifth was my first to be cloth diapered as well, but we plan on many more children or at least pray for them as we allow the Lord to choose our family size. I am currently 14 weeks with my 6th who will also be cloth diapered. BEWARE though, some of my homemade ones are the worst and had to be thrown out after a few washes. I wont buy wahm diapers anymore. I learned my lesson to buy pricey and get what is good and will last.

Jeanie said...

My friend has been doing cloth for maybe 8 months and LOVES the Fuzzibunz. That is the one I am going w/ to start. It's a pocket diaper. How many do you have? What detergent are you using?