Sunday, February 3, 2008

Large Family Board on Babycenter

For anyone who doesnt know about it, its seriously what sustains me during rough days. I love the girls there. In fact I have been a member there for 4 years. I have been a lurker on the babycenter LDS board for about 1.5 years and recently began posting there a ton. The girls there are sooooo neat. For a non LDS person, you will be completely turned on to the gospel by these super women!! I had a good friend on Large Families board today who reminded me in my state of current religious confusion how happy I seem lately and it reminded me that I have been and has to have been because of the LDS church, its the only thing I have done differently lately. I started going mid december. It feeds my spirit like nothing else ever has. I need to remember that and talk a ton with Nate about it and come to a decision.


timpani76 said...

I lurk mostly on the babycenter LDS board. I was really active after my 4 year old was first born, but after my little girl was born I stopped coming so much.

I just wanted to tell you every time I read your posts on bbc I smile. I love them so much. I almost started crying when you posted about not joining the church after all.

I truly believe the LDS church would be a worse place because you are not there. I hope you keep coming!

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...


Clarissa_P said...

I can SO relate to your struggle. I am not trying to dissaude you from joining. I do think that you need to think it through - very carefully.

If I were you, I would attend, study, etc. for a few months without being baptized. This is nothing that you need to do right away.

In my case, my family and I joined quickly and we liked it but it was SO overwhelming. Sundays, instead of being a worshipful family day, were full of the stress of getting ready, sitting in church for hours, etc.

The church demands so much - money, time, commitment. What I soon found was that I was unhappy. My family and I now attend a Christian church in our neighborhood. We have just as much joy and spirituality. We learn about Jesus (even more so than in the LDS church) and truly enjoy our associations without all of the stress.

Again, I am not saying this is what you will do. I just wanted to share my opinion.

Sara said...

I keep meaning to send you an email or something... I lurk a lot on bbc LDS boards and LOVE to read your posts. I don't know you, but I look up to you in so many ways! I am a sahm to a little girl, Makenna (called Kenna sometimes!:)) who is just a month older than your youngest. I am about a year older than you and also graduated in education! Hopefully my home will be as full as yours is too one day!

I think that it is great that you are searching for answers and looking for truth. There is so much "truth" out there it is hard to figure out what is real vs someones idea of real. Please remember to rely on the Lord as you come to your decision about baptism. He is the only one who will give you the answer, even if the answer is a quiet "yes." instead of a slap over the head. Heavenly Father loves you so much and wants more than anything for you to find truth and will give you the answers you desire!

You Rock!


Sabrina said...

Janis! You got your first Tag from me on my blog!